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Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

At Productivity Inc., we are here to help you grow your company — maximizing efficiency and reducing overhead costs. We supply our customers with an impressive collection of manufacturing tools, including our premier abrasive waterjet cutting equipment. This technology can be utilized in your factory operations to speed up the cutting process while ensuring greater precision.

With this cutting method, you use the energy of highly pressurized water to erode a narrow line in a wide range of materials — from steel to titanium to foam. A fine stream of water, under as much as 90,000 psi, is pushed through a miniscule nozzle to penetrate softer materials. Incredibly versatile, you can cut through much harder materials with an added granular abrasive powder (usually garnet).

We are a select distributor of OMAX waterjet cutting machines — a global leader in the industry — well-known for producing environmentally-friendly, affordable, and easy to use waterjet cutters. We partner with OMAX because we believe that our customers deserve durable, streamlined tools to enhance their operations. Our products are customizable, and our expert team provides training to help your factory get up and running with our tools as quickly as possible.  

OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting machines are prepared to cut through a spectrum of materials. Keep reading to learn more about how you can utilize this equipment.

Carbon Steel

OMAX equipment can cut through all grades of carbon steel smoothly without burn marks, cracking, excess burr, or other problems typically associated with heat-based or mechanical cutting.

Stainless Steel

Waterjet cutters can be used on all grades of stainless steel, even tricky grades such as 304. It is especially attractive to the food processing or aerospace industry because polished or reflective surfaces do not negatively affect this cutting process as they would with a laser cutting system. 

Hardened Tool Steel

The OMAX system is valuable when working with hardened tool steel because you can get close to EDM precision at up to 10 times the speed. In addition, waterjet cutters can be cut in a fully hardened state without affecting the steel’s chemical properties.

Alloys of All Types

OMAX technology is ideal for working with difficult-to-machine special super alloys, such as Inconel® and Hastelloy®, because the process avoids heat or distortion.


Aluminum is the most common material used on OMAX systems because it cuts quickly and cleanly, without causing any thermal distortion. Laser specialty shops are even adding OMAX systems to their facilities to more accurately cut thicker aluminum. 


Titanium can be a challenging material to cut with conventional processes. However, OMAX technology is more competent — able to cut quickly and accurately through the material without surface embrittlement or thermal distortion. Our technology reduces waste material which leads to considerable cost savings because titanium is so expensive.


While the reflectivity and “gumming” of copper can be an issue with conventional mechanical cutting systems and laser technology, OMAX equipment can cut quickly and cleanly through all grades of copper without thermal distortion. 

If you are interested in learning more about OMAX abrasive waterjet cutting equipment, please reach out to our team. We’d love to answer any questions you might have. Let’s get started.

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